Built in the spring of 2009, our private yoga studio adjoins the Spruce Cottage at The Inn at Woodchuck Hill Farm. Situated on the second floor, the studio has prime eastern exposure for morning and early afternoon sunlight as well as an outdoor deck large enough for group activities. The property provides access to a wood-fired sauna, two swimming ponds, on-site massage appointments, walking trails, and vegetarian meals with locally-sourced fresh produce.


Yoga Studio News

Yoga Classes

Weekly classes are open and offered for any one interested in experiencing Kundalini Yoga. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Classes are either 1 or 1½ hours. They involve a brief introduction and explanation of the postures, a warm up series, a kriya and relaxation. Dress comfortably. Bring a yoga mat or rent one here. Bring water or a water bottle. Blankets are provided.

Each session provides an excellent Kundalini Yoga workout with special attention to the subtle energies found in the different chakras.

Weekly Kundalini Yoga classes run on Wednesday's in Windsor at 5:30PM. If you are newcomer to our studio and have never attended one of our classes, please email or leave a message in advance to make sure the class is running. Individual and group instruction is available in Windsor and Grafton. Please email or call to arrange a day and time. If you are local, let us know of your interest in attending a class series in Windsor or Grafton and we'll let you know when another is starting.

Yoga Retreats

Weekend retreats at our yoga center are special experiences designed as an alternative to the large, crowded events offered elsewhere. The environment is relaxed, quiet and peaceful. We've designed our retreats to be a wholly inclusive experience for those attending, creating a unique opportunity for self-reflection and open discussion about personal practice. The accommodations are private and tailored to provide one of the best lodging experiences in rural New England. Our vegetarian meals are thoughtfully prepared using local ingredients.


Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini Yoga was first brought from India to the United States by Yogi Bhajan in 1968. There are many kinds of yoga but Kundalini Yoga is thought to be the oldest and most elemental from India. It is considered the Yoga of Awareness and seeks to develop not only the physical body through exercise but to cultivate the mind through the application of meditation and mantra. Many aspects of our modern lifestyle have a negative influence and increase our risk of physical and mental disease. Kundalini Yoga brings health overall by healing imbalances encountered in the body, mind and spirit. By practicing yoga, one is able to reduce the impact of the risks encountered in daily life, thus living more healthy and happy each day.

Kundalini Yoga has been found to help in releasing muscle tension and keeping joints flexible. It strengthens the heart muscles, improves circulation, and teaches one how to deeply relax. Even though the kriyas are not disease based, many kriyas have been found to heal specific problems encountered in daily living through balancing the energies of prana and apana. If these energies are not in balance, problems arise that range from sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction to depression, addiction and self-contempt. Dr. Marilyn Gabriel will be discussing the background of Kundalini Yoga and demonstrating how specific sets can be used to help people suffering from numerous psychiatric conditions.
Many of the basic postures (asanas) in Kundalini Yoga are similar to postures used in other forms of yoga. For over thirty years, Yogi Bhajan taught thousands of kriyas (specific sets of postures) that are designed to heal a particular problem or strengthen a particular feature of being. They typically involve timed repetitive movements, mudras, chants, music and breath techniques. Many kriyas can be understood as focusing upon balancing a specific chakra and all kriyas are designed to stimulate kundalini energy for healing and radiance. Kriyas can be practiced once for immediate benefits but they are typically practiced more over time in order to make permanent changes in health and well-being.

The only way to understand Kundalini Yoga is to actually experience it. No previous experience in yoga is really necessary and if done in sincerity with a certified teacher, results can be experienced in just one class


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Disclaimer: Kundalini Yoga comes from ancient yogic traditions and has been brought to us in its present form by Yogi Bhajan. We strive to keep his teachings genuine and unadulterated. It has been shown that yoga practice of any kind may be beneficial in maintaining health and supportive as a supplementary strategy in some health related concerns, however, no medical claims are made here. Anything written on our website or shared in classes, workshops or retreats are presented solely for information and education and not intended to be medical advice.

It is possible for anyone to enjoy yoga and many accommodations can be made to help everyone enjoy the yogic experience, no matter their age or health status. If you are being treated for a specific health condition, check with your physician or licensed health care provider first to ensure yoga is appropriate for your personal health condition and complementary to any medication you may be prescribed. When you register, let us know of any specific circumstances that you may have so that we can plan to accommodate your special needs.